AegisFlow Shima is a fully modular, auto-wiring workflow for ComfyUI with an expanding group of modules.

Rapidly build simple or complex workflows with modular islands that interconnect automatically in one-to-many fashion. Spend less time wiring and more time generating, building up workflows from our library or using the techniques of AegisFlow to make your own islands and interconnections.

AegisFlow Shima coexists alongside existing workflows and comes with a well-defined color standard that helps you know your place when zoomed out, helping you to find what you need quickly. Team it up with a bookmarks extension from other developers to instantly hop from module to module, and enjoy a logical arrangement of functions and placement. Auto-generate a number of assets and perform complex masking and effects post-processing and finish up with four different upscaling options. (ultimate upscale, SEGS Tiled, and Iterative Upscaling as well as standard upscaling models). This and more is done with simple right-click and place, and our utility nodes help pass things wirelessly from Island to Island as well as automating the group and naming creation process. Control execution using Node Title, Input, color, and most commonly, group membership, or send common signals to everywhere via Use Everywhere nodes.

Soon AegisFlow can automatically install and update template modules and enhancement javascript extensions via our installer package, usable on all operating systems that support ComfyUI, and Windows users can enjoy a standard setup that installs ComfyUI and base dependencies and even gives you a start menu and desktop icon, and a custom BAT that determines whether to run in CPU or Nvidia GPU mode based on your system’s abilities. This installer should be available before February 2024. Until then, we’ll help you get set up from a base ComfyUI install.

Sounds cool! Where do I get it?

You can purchase AegisFlow Shima via Gumroad. Gumroad is the payment processor and will also generate a license key for the installer, which will be emailed to you and also stored in your Gumroad account, along with the location to download your base installer.

Updates are performed through the installer (shown right) and support is available via our Discord Community. Additionally, ongoing support and advance beta enhancements for AegisFlow will be made available to our Discord Premium Members, with $1/month and $5/month tiers.

Modularity is Job One

AegisFlow was created on the concept that modules should perform a discrete art-workflow task and be able to accept input from other modules and expand it to other modules arbitrarily.

Now, after hundreds of hours of work, we have made a system that (while not perfect) mostly has achieved this goal. That’s OK, because development, like art, is a journey that never ends. There’s always a new island to explore. But with this release, we are confident that the system wil be one of the most flexible workflow tools around today, and likey tomorrow. Use just our islands, or make your own. Combine Shima workflow templates into existing wired workflows.

So What’s Job Two?

The continued refinement of existing workflows, and with your help and support through memberships and purchases, the creation of new modules to handle emerging needs like 3D and video. Additionally, the development of a module storehouse for members by members, to help us become better together.

What about AegisFlow 1.5 and XL?

My first workflows, now defined collectively as AegisFlow Classic, remain as donation ware/free and will continue to work as long as they can maintain support. All previous paid purchasers of AegisFlow Classic are upgraded to Shima at no charge, There are no ongoing subscriptions. For support and general chat just come on by the Major Studio discord and join in. We do have members-only areas and we will also have members-only office hours and hopefully, depending on how big this grows, an expanding list of events, training and more.